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Here are some diet tips from Asia that you can use to help you lose weight. I hope this video helps you make a plan for your health and nutrition, but it’s not …

Weight loss asia



  1. ive switched from diet sodas to 'crystal lights'(common in american super markets) raspberry green tea(have no idea if its even actual green tea or only flavored tho) a couple years ago and lost 40 lbs.. though i also quit eating chips while watching tv as well and it may be due to that as well.

    also a worthy note regarding vegetables, collagen & having darker skin(more melanin), is that collagen promotes heavily the development of keloid(raised) scars, where hypotrophic(flattend) scars is considered ideal.. and darker skin tones thats not white w. red tones, anything olive and above causes hyper-pigmentation(temp. discoloration that last up to 18 months after even slight injury to the epidermis, E.G. a mosquitos bite etc). b.c of this Practically ALL cleansing soaps sold in asian super markets contain the chemical which in america is referred to skin bleaching(and cost hundreds here for such instead), to help combat those things. lol, just a word of caution to those outside asia.

  2. My jaw dropped when you mentioned that companies have weight policies.

  3. I will definitely follow this I really think it's will help me with my diet thank you so much

  4. I got to lose 100 lbs at least. And I'm definitely trying to eat slower, make smaller portions, cut out the sugary drinks, etc. And you know what? I realized that I was definitely eating too much, because even though I'm eating less, I still feel satisfied and I don't feel hungry after an hour like I thought I would. 🙂

  5. The bitter taste in the green tea is not meant to be there. You should boil the water to maximun 85 degrees or the leaves will give out that bitter and foul taste

  6. One thing I'd note is that Korean sweet potatoes are not the same as American sweet potatoes! They are white and have a milder taste and I prefer them to the orange kind.

  7. your accent is such cute. hehe

  8. I'm 13, 5'1 ft and my waist line is 32…huhuhu,they kept on telling me to loose some weight

  9. I live in the u.s. Do you know of a place where I can buy that rice steamer bowl you have? Also what is the proper name for it. Lol but great video. Can't wait to make mine next week!

  10. Thank you very much for all this tips and translation

  11. Not all Green Tea are created equal.Can you tell me any brands that are effective I can get in the States? Love your channel by the way.

  12. Omg I almost didn't recognize you with the blonde hair >.< ^~^


  14. worked for me! I worked just like I thought it would. It was easy enough and I just want others to know when something works. Check out it there

  15. A friend of mine used and recommended it to me 2 weeks ago. Check out it on this website I ordered the products and received them within 3 days (although I didn't get the discounted prices). The results have been incredible and I can't wait to see what weeks 3 and 4 bring..


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