Which is better for weight loss – spin classes or lifting?

My first free weights session with a coach (instead of just winging it on random weight machines) and I loved it! And I don’t think I was too bad for my first go! Yay!

The problem is… this was at a different gym to the one I have a membership at, where I do spin classes 1-2 times a week. They have weights there too but it’s always quite busy and there are groups of teenagers that hang around the weights area that really put me off and make me too self conscious to even try! The other gym that I was at today doesn’t run any classes so I wouldn’t be able to spin if I went there instead.

So my question is: in your opinion what will do more for me and my weight loss, the spin classes or lifting?

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  1. Sorry to hijack your post but, what is spin class?

  2. So, workout addict me has a knee jerk reaction that says, “Do both gyms!”. Obviously, this is probably unrealistic. You might see if the spin class gym has a pay-per-class deal. A lot of gyms include classes in their membership but also offer them separately on a per-class basis for people visiting, friends of clients, etc. So I’d check their website or ask if this is something that they offer.

    You likely know that you can’t outrun, outlift, or outspin your fork. Your caloric intake is going to be the key in losing weight and keeping it off.
    If you just want to know which exercise is going to burn more calories, the intensive cardio is going to win out over the weight lifting. But weight lifting is really great for firming and toning up your whole body, especially if you anticipate having loose skin or want to prevent that “skinny fat” look. I would look for a plan that enables you to do both weight training and cardiovascular exercise, as both are great in developing your overall fitness.


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