Q. 2 Weeks Wall whilst adhering to CICO (Calories in Calories out)

Calories in Calories out (CICO)

I’m eating about 1000-1500 calorie deficit a day based on my TDEE to lose 2-3 pounds a week. Mostly average 1200 calorie days, says my sedentary should be around 2200 and my banal is 1900. Mostly eat 20-30% carb 30% fat 40% protein

The past 2 weeks I’ve held at the same weight despite holding these averages. I went from 255 to 235 and thats where I’m at now. I’ve been doing light dumbbell bicep curls daily not sure if it’s muscle through that? Also if I’m not at work or driving I’m usually at home at my desk or on my bed.

I’d say my lifestyle is a little more sedentary than normal and I know being more active would help but everything I read says that doesn’t really matter for now because i have a lot of fat to lose and the only thing that really matters is CICO? Also I’ve done 8/16 intermittent fasting a couple times a week but a large bulk of the calories have come at night?

**TLDR:** The rule I’ve read on here is CICO above everything else. I have tracked everything and I’ve plateaud the last 2 weeks. Lifestyle is sedentary and intermittent fasting during the week. Eating at night and sedentary lifestyle somehow interfering with CICO?   Read more…



  1. It’s water weight. Bodies can fluctate wildly based on a number of factors such as hydration, salt intake, exercise, etc. If your calorie intake is accurate/you’re logging correctly, then the weight will move eventually. Just keep at it.

  2. did you recalculate your tdee after your initial loss? maybe you need to lower you calorie intake? also, are you weighing yourself first thing in the morning without clothes, after you went to the bathroom? you say you eat at night – so maybe your body could also still be retaining the massive amount of water it needs for digestion. you could try to eat earlier in the day and weigh yourself the next day?

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  4. If you’re female, this could just be normal fluctuation. However, if you’ve been losing weight for some time, I would assume you know that, so I’m not sure what to advise you. I can tell you that when my weight stalls for over 7 days, I have one cheat meal and it kick-starts my weight loss again. I have *no* science to back this up, but it has worked for me.


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