Eckert: Diet proposed for North River in Fort Gratiot

There is going to be dancing in the streets.

OK, maybe just on my street. And maybe only me dancing.

The St. Clair County Road Commission wants to put North River Road in Fort Gratiot on a diet.

It is looking at converting our four-lane superhighway into something a little smaller, slower, friendlier and safer.

It is holding a hearing at 6 p.m. Nov. 2 at the Fort Gratiot offices, 3720 Keewahdin Road, to hear public comment on a plan to replace the current four travel lanes with single travel lanes in each direction, a center left-turn lane and bike lanes along the road edge.

If there is any road that needs to be put on a diet, it is North River Road.


There is too much road for the traffic that it handles and the neighborhoods that it serves. Because it’s four lanes, people drive it like a highway even though it is lined with homes on either side just about its entire length. If its speed were set by counting driveways and intersections, which supposedly is how it works, its speed limit wouldn’t be the posted 45 mph.

For most North River Road traffic, though, 45 is merely a suggestion. The 85th…

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