Take Responsibility For Your Weight Loss

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here on Long Island, and after I’m done writing this to you, I’m going to be heading out for my last couple of appointments of the day. Mondays are usually pretty spaced out for me, with a couple of clients in the morning, and then a couple in the evening. That gives me the day to tend to myself, which, I’ll admit, is pretty damn awesome! 🙂

Now then, I’m about to provide you with one of, if not THE biggest weight loss tip in the history of weight loss tips. It’s not biologically, chemically, or scientifically based. In fact, it has nothing to do with diet, exercise, or sleep!

What is it? To stop making excuses, and to take responsibility for your actions!!!

In my line of work, I come across two types of people. The first type is willing to do whatever it takes to improve their health and to reach their short-term weight loss goal(s). It doesn’t matter how much change or how much sacrifice is needed to make it. Provided they can afford and physically do what’s necessary (which literally EVERYONE can!), they’ll reach their goals sooner than later with little-to-no blips on the radar.

The second type is someone who lets the circumstances of their lives become an excuse. They worry about what others think of them, or if they’ll stand out in a crowd. They’re not willing to stand up for themselves and say to the world, ‘You know what, dammit? I want this! And if I’m going to do this, then here’s what I need to do, and here’s what I need (and DON’T need) from YOU!’

I’ll give you a perfect example… Read More…


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