The Fitness Space profiles its Member of the Month

The Fitness Space West Bridgford writes about its member of the month.

Our member of the month is Claire Bills – Claire is a Primary school teacher.

Claire originally joined the gym because she had lost some weight and wanted to tone up and continue with the weight loss while increasing her fitness.

We had a chat with Claire and asked her these questions:

How have you trained in the past?

Before having children, I used to run twice a week, and used to go to the gym once or twice too, however I was never very focused when I was there and mainly used the cardio machines.

What made you choose the TFS?

It felt really personal and a place that was focused on achieving my goals. It was a safe place to come and try new ways of exercising – everyone was very friendly

What changes have you found in your training since working with your coach Neil Mcdonald?

Since working with Neil I have done a lot more weights than I expected, and seen great results because of this. I now do a mixture of cardio classes and weights-based sessions in the gym. I feel my overall fitness is much improved and I feel more toned too,

What does a typical training week look like for you now?

I am currently just finishing my second fitness camp, so for the last few months have been at the gym at 6-7am every weekday. When I’m not doing fit camp I tend to do a circuits and hot spin class two or three times a week, and then two or three gym sessions where I do a mixture of arms and legs strength sessions.

What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking about starting their own fitness journey?

Just go for it! Join in and commit everything you have. If you want to lose weight exercise is only one part and you need to focus on your diet but for toning up and maintaining weight loss it is brilliant. Everyone at the fitness space is focused on making sure you have the right program to meet the goals you set yourself. I started off wanting to go two or three times a week…

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