1 YEAR OF KPOP WORKOUTS! (Reflection Time)



I am a little late to be celebrating this, but I’ve been making kpop workouts for a year! (P.S. EXO’s Monster is being edited right now) I thought I could celebrate by recording myself working out to my very first workout, which was to GFriend’s Glass Bead. Maybe I’ll record more of my working out to old vids in the future haha.

Onto the reflection:
Technology wise, I bought a new camera in autumn so my videos are so much more crisp! I am using the same editing programs but am always experimenting with editing haha.
This year was the first year that I worked out consistently (5 days a week 30 min+). There were some times where I didn’t work out for many days in a row though, and those were in times that I was extremely stressed. My working out routine was either learning dances or making kpop workouts. Sometimes I would do blogilates or fitness blender if I was tired of choreographing/learning.
Last year, I was around 125 lb. My weight fluctuates easily. I haven’t been on a scale since my family’s broke, but I think I am around 115 lb since I weighed that like 2 weeks ago. So yes, kpop workouts DO work. Also, I know that I would have lost more weight if I watched my eating closely. But I love to eat so I just focused on eating three decent sized meals a day with maybe a snack.
I can see that my face has slimmed down along with my calves, although since I am short the difference isn’t drastic LOL. My chest (cough* boobs) has also become smaller. Generally, I just feel lighter.
I also noticed that I am more confident about my body and in general, even though I am still far from my weight goal. Just knowing that I am taking care of my body by working out, I feel more confident and lively than I did before exercising regularly! So exercising has been good for me mentally as well 🙂
I hope that reflection wasn’t too long, but I am so grateful for your support and kind words. They really mean so much to me and running this channel has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle SOOOO much.

Feel free to chat with me in the comments 😀

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