The 7 Deadliest Weight Loss Mistakes

The 7 Deadliest Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs!

Mistake #1: You’re Eating Diet Food

If you are eating diet food, you should stop immediately. Why? Well, first of all, they are not going to get you to lose weight.

Second, you must understand what measures the manufacturer is taking in order to make that “regular food” into “diet food”. In order to get the right texture and taste into their product, the manufacturer has to replace ingredients that are not “healthy” with chemicals to make it appear real. These chemicals are definitely not healthy and some sweeteners have even been reported to cause cancer (aspartame).

Diet food is often more expensive than regular food. A common misconception is that this price premium is due to the fact that diet food is actually healthier. In reality though, diet food is often mixed with chemicals to replace more natural ingredients that are in fact cheaper for the manufacturer.

Don’t be fooled by the diet industry about “Diet Food” because they are actually going to make you gain more weight instead.

Mistake #2: Small Portions And Less Calories Intake

If you think that eating small portions will allow you to slim down, then you are dreadfully wrong.

Body is very adaptable and it will adjust to your diet. If your intake is normally 2000 calories per day and you decide to reduce that amount to 1500, your body will quickly adjust to that and burn only that amount of calories.

This essentially means that if you decide to eat less in hope that you’re going to lose weight, you are dead wrong.


Mistake #3: You Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is a major mistake because this is literally the most important meal in your day. After the night, your body starts suffering from a lack of food intake and your metabolism is low. The best way to fix this is to eat a healthy (big) breakfast, causing your metabolism to go back up.

When your metabolism is active, it will help burn energy and fats.

In short, you should never skip breakfast.


Mistake #4: Water Consumption Is Too Low

60%-70% of your body is made up of water. This is why you need to have a healthy intake of water every day. If you are on a diet, you should keep an extra eye on the amount because if you don’t drink enough water, your body will start storing water because it thinks that it’s not going to get enough. This results in water retention which is detrimental to your overall weight loss plans.

As an essential guide to not only lose weight but stay healthy, drink lots of water.

Mistake #5: Salad As Main Meal

Sure, salad has a smaller amount of calories. However, after you’ve eaten a salad you’re pretty hungry again quite soon. Hence, if you eat only a salad as your main meal on a daily basis, you’re probably lying to yourself that you don’t feel hungry during the day.

After all, a light meal does not make your metabolism burn energy as if you’ve eaten a good steak! A balanced meal is in fact far more beneficial and will also help you keep away from those snacks!


Mistake #6: You Workout Hard In Order To Lose Weight

If you believe that the harder the workout, the more weight you lose, you’re probably going to end up being disappointed. Perhaps if your workout is burning 5000 calories, then maybe it will work. But why workout so hard for minimal to zero results?

A workout is good for your overall health and it’ll firm up your muscles. Nonetheless, it doesn’t get your weight down effectively enough. If you’re going to the gym only to lose weight, you should instead consider something like a good healthy walk 30 minutes per day in order to lose weight through some physical activity.


Mistake #7: You’re Not Setting Any Goals

If you don’t set any specific goal such as 7 pounds in two months, then you’re not going to lose weight. The truth is that setting goals is a very important part in your weight loss journey. It’s all about setting realistic goals. If you set a goal of 30 pounds in 30 days, then it’s not going to work and you’ll be disappointed afterwards. Worse still, this small failure might lead to your giving up on weight loss completely.

If you set up realistic goals that you can achieve, then it’s more likely going to happen. Once it happens, you will gain a positive experience and can set another goal that is going to get you even closer to your ideal body weight.



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