Accurate Measurement of Body Composition Helps Improve Fitness Level

[ad_1] If people plan to change their eating habits for weight loss or for health reasons, what are the criteria against which they will measure their progress and success? They may know their weight but do they know what their weight consists of? Is it lean tissue? Fat? Water? Or cell mass?

Other questions include:

  • How healthy are they?
  • Do the body cells function properly?
  • Does the chronological аgе match the bіоlоgісаl аgе of an individual?
  • Does the body readily absorb nutrients?
  • Does the efficient removal of toxic waste products occur from the body’s cells?
  • Does the quantity of water in the body constitute water retention or hеаlthу hуdrаtіоn?

BMI – A flawed measure

Body mаѕѕ indеx (BMI) is a common measure related to health, weight loss, and diet. For a long time, BMI has been employed as an indicator of whether people have a “hеаlthу” weight for their height and still controls a lot of the thinking both in the healthcare and diet industry. However, it is now seen as a flawed measure.

BMI does not consider body composition, so an individual with a well toned and muscular body will be considered “obese” based on the BMI value, because the weight from their muscle is assumed to be fat.

On the other hand, a person with a leaner body but higher level of fatty tissue will be considered to have an appropriate weight and hence, have a good health status. However, the muscular person is more likely to be healthier and live a better quality of life and with increased longevity.

Other methods such as hip: waist ratios and caliper tests will provide detailed information about the outside of the body, but very little about what is happening inside the body. These tests provide no more information than can be inferred from the fit of their clothes or by looking in the mirror to understand whether they have an ideal body image.

Body composition

Body composition” is a technical term that describes the balance of various components that make up the body. In simple terms, as considered by some people in the fitness and diet industry, body composition is a measure of the relative ratios of fat mass to fat-free mass.

A more sophisticated definition of body composition considers it as the balance of bio-chemical make-up of fat, which is composed of essential fats/lipids, water, non-essential fats, and fat-free mass, which consists of bone, muscle, organs, and tissues.

It is important to note that organs, bone, muscle, and other tissues are composed of specialized cells, which are, in turn, composed of fats/lipids, proteins/amino acids, water, and minerals/trace elements.

Significance of body composition

A proper understanding of body composition is essential as nutritional support is required by the human body for all the body’s building blocks. It’s important to gain insights into these building blocks in order to properly nourish the body and provide the required tools for the body to develop, maintain, and repair itself.

Since most healthy eating or weight loss programs do not consider body composition – either how to improve it or to protect it – they more likely have the potential to cause damage. If people know their body composition, then they can plan their diet accordingly so that they can take in all nutrients needed for their own unique body. Onе-ѕіzе-fіtѕ-аll dіеt is not available when it comes to body composition. Since body composition is unique to each one of us, tailoring the diet individually is important.

About Bodystat

Bodystat Ltd

Bodystat Limited is a Global Market Leader in Body Composition Analysis using Bioelectrical-Impedance Analysis (BIA). Bodystat focuses on the research, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative bio-impedance products using proven techniques, which are safe, reliable and deliver reproducible results.

Our Story, so far

In 1990, our Managing Director and CEO moved from the sunny coastal landscape of picturesque South Africa, to set up Bodystat on the ‘not-so-warm’ Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. He moved his whole family with two young children, holding only the belief in Bodystat and the technology.

Bodystat began from those early days in one room in the family home, where the whole family were involved in the business.

These were tough, nail-biting times, encompassing long days and even longer nights, like most new business start-ups. Before the days of internet and email snail-mail was the only method of advertising, and there were times when we wondered if Bodystat would make it.

Through tremendous hard work and perseverance, and a strong belief in the technology and product, Bodystat eventually became known as one of the world leaders in BIA (bio-electrical impedance analysis).

Due to those early days of dedicated research into understanding everything there was to know about the product and technology, we still pride ourselves as experts in this field. Bodystat is now located in the office building in the picture – a long way from one small room in the family home!

We always have considered ourselves a family business, and all our customers are welcomed into our family unit. Pick up the phone and you speak directly to us. We are passionate in what we do, dedicated to share our passion with you, our customers, and believe in the future of BIA.

The possibilities are infinite!

Join us in the discovery of new methods in which BIA can help improve the understanding of the human body.

Why BIA, Why Bodystat?

  • Measures fat-free mass and calculates fat mass
  • Some models include measurement or calculation of body cell mass, total body water, intracellular water extracellular water
  • Safe, non-invasive, fast, and inexpensive
  • Lightweight, portable devices which can be used at the bedside
  • May be useful to assess total body water in individuals with altered metabolic function
  • Excellent consistency and precision for repeated measurements.

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