Alex Jones' Infowars supplements are overpriced, mundane vit…


Enlarge/ It’s not clear how impactful Anthroplex was in sculpting this radio host physique.

Alex Jones and fans of homeopathy may have something common.

Jones’ wildly popular supplements sold on his site are nothing more than humdrum vitamin blends that have little-to-no data supporting touted health benefits—basically the same as the vitamins found in any pharmacy or health store, according to independent lab testing. But there are two key differences: the far-right talk show hosts’ supplements are far more expensive and they tend to be weaker than garden variety supplements. Reminiscent of the extensively watered-down treatments used by homeopaths, Jones’ supplements were often diluted such that even if those vitamin and herbal blends did offer some health benefits, the doses would likely be too small to be effective.

That’s all according to an independent lab analysis performed on several of the supplements by Labdoor, a San Francisco-based lab that tests dietary supplements. The analysis was done at the behest of BuzzFeed News, which reported the results late Wednesday.

Brian Brandley, Labdoor’s laboratory director, told BuzzFeed News:

“We tested samples in triplicate, and wherever possible, cross-checked those results with…

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