All of Me


Through the personal stories of three women who choose weight-loss surgery, All of Me shines a fresh light on the causes, challenges, and psychological struggles surrounding obesity in our society, as well as our attitudes towards the obese.

Meet “the girls” — longtime friends who met through the Size Acceptance Movement. They’ve unsuccessfully tried every diet and every pill in an effort to lose weight. Getting older and facing more health and mobility challenges, they choose surgery as a last resort.

With searing honesty, the girls take us through their struggles before and after surgery, including some things they expected, some they feared, and some they never could have imagined.



“Outstandingly potent. This coolly penetrating film honors women who address the reality of their lives with ferocious eloquence.”
–Wall Street Journal

“Its examination of obesity is serious, intimate and not at all sensationalistic, despite some graphic images of weight-loss surgery and its consequences.”
–New York Times

“The film does a wonderful job exploring how surgery changes more than just bodies – it changes relationships.”
–Dr. Brian Sabowitz, MD, FACP, CCD, bariatric surgeon and WLS patient

“The movie is very well done and so frank. It shows the real struggles of those who suffer with obesity both before and after weight loss surgery.”
–Katy Merriman, Surgical Specialists, Shreveport, LA

“All of Me is the intriguing story of the elements of the weight-loss journey we don’t communally talk about but always linger in the shadows of our struggles with obesity. It is truly a story of love, loss and last resorts.”
– John…
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