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ATTAIN Holistic Health and Fitness came to be after Bernice Barlow ND saw a need for a holistic hub to service most people’s health requirements (physical, emotional, mental) at one location.

ATTAIN Holistic Health and Fitness focuses on therapies for ‘every body’ including acupuncture, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, personal strength and conditioning, meditation, reiki, remedial massage, power tone tables, weight management, homeopathy, facial and body spa treatments.

Principal naturopath and hypnotherapist Bernice Barlow ND has a background in nursing.

Pain and weight management, nutrition, mental health, chronic illness, pregnancy and hormonal issues as well as addictions are all areas in which Bernice can help benefit your health.

Initial appointments include iridology, mineral testing and, if required, pH testing, hormone and physical assessment.

Hypnotherapy is a 90-minute session dealing with issues such as weight management, addictions, mental health and sleeping. Dr Baki, a dedicated holistic health practitioner, passionately combines western medicine with naturopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Such a powerful combination offers significant help for a large variety of chronic and dysfunctional health problems which can affect your quality of life. Your healing journey will start with a smart naturopathic consultation with thorough history taking, physical examination, iridology and meridian reading.

Jordan Barlow in his private training studio trains athletes and students of strength from all walks of life. His services range from fat loss, increasing athleticism, injury recovery and prevention while improving movement quality for a better life.

Specialist homoeopath/naturopath Dr Bev Hobbs has extensive expertise to benefit your health. She also practices Ayurvedic principles and energy healing modalities.

Remedial Therapist Sarah Rafferty is a competent massage therapist specialising in injuries, post op and chronic pain as well as sports and trigger point therapy.

June is the reiki master who leads meditations and facilitates reiki therapy sessions. Some may know her as a long-term therapist with the Cancer Council in Mandurah.

You may also benefit from the ATTAIN Centre Power Tone Tables (Shapemaster).

These allow power-assisted exercise to become part of your exercise regime in a non-threatening relaxed atmosphere working at your body’s own capacity.

Why not choose a gift certificate for a friend, work colleague or a family member?

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