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Dieting might be old news, but there are still choices that could be unfamiliar: think “vegan.” And “pescatarism.” Or “paleo.”

A new word to many is veganism, a diet that consists of no meat and no animal by-products, including dairy. Many Americans are taking on the vegan diet, approximately two million in 2016.

The vegan diet consists of lots of fruits and vegetables and other whole foods that lack the saturated fats cheese, milk and eggs contain. The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognize that veganism is suitable for every age and stage of life.

“Just by personal choice, I do it for dietary reasons,” said 20-year-old Jimmy Stewart, who has been a vegan for two years.

“As it got easier, I found that it was much easier to maintain a healthy diet. … Obviously I can still cheat sometimes, but when I’m eating good and the right amount, I feel like I have a lot of energy, so that’s an added benefit.”

Nutritionist Monique Richard practices her own variation of veganism in her personal life. As a professional, she works at both State of Franklin Healthcare Associates in Johnson City and Mountain Regions Family Medicine in Kingsport, and runs her own practice, Nutrition-In-Sight.

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