Eat more carbohydrate for weight loss. Tip from Japan, the lowset obesity country.

Eat more carbohydrate for weight loss. Diet advice from Japan, the lowest obesity country.

Which country in developed countries is the lowest in obesity ranking? Japan! One of the things a lot of western friends of mine do but Japanese don’t is carbohydrate restriction.

I know you want to cut amount of carbohydrate but here are two reason that you should not reduce carbohydrate amount.

1. Lack of carbohydrate increases junk sugar consumption, which leads to obviously weight gain. If you don’t get enough sugar from carbo, you might eat more sweets to substitute the lack of sugar from carbo. Lack of carbohydrate equals lack of sugar. (eating chips)

Enough healthy sugar from carbohydrate reduces your consumption of junk sweets. (eating bread)

2. It’s extremely important to keep some energy for exercise. You need energy from carbohydrate to move more. I don’t know about you, but I really cant do much exercise when I haven’t had enough carbohydrate. Protein, vege, fruit might be ok, but carbohydrate gives me maximum of energy.

Carbohydrate restriction might help temporarily, but in the long term, it’s not a great solution. You need something continuable, right?

I never restrict carbohydrate. This is living proof! (show waist line)

Ok now, but carbohydrate consumption is known for insulin spike. How do you prevent it? Very easy, eat soup, vege, protein first before carbohydrate. (soup, vege, protein pics) By eating something else first before carbo, the carbo in the stomach will be covered by the food you had in advance, which slows down the insulin spike speed.

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