Ed Hungness: Reflections: A challenging journey


“For a 72-year-old guy, you are in pretty good health” said my doctor.

It was the first week of March and he was winding up my annual physical or “wellness check” as it’s now called. Then he said it — that three-letter word, after which nothing positive ever follows: “but.”

“But if you could lose between 15 and 20 pounds, you would reduce your probability of becoming diabetic.”

In past years he had given me similar cautionary warnings but for some reason this time, maybe it was his tone of voice, it had more of an impact on me.

“So other than an amputation, how do I lose 15 to 20 pounds, Doc?”

He replied, “Carbohydrates! Reduce your consumption of carbs.”

As I walked out the front door of the medical center, I had a feeling of resolve that I was going to start that day and this time, lose those extra pounds and inches!

Just as with most commercials on television, this is where I insert the fine-print disclaimer. I am not suggesting or recommending that anyone follow the same plan I’m on. Over the years I have tried multiple fad and gimmick diets. Remember the cabbage soup diet? Remember the “eat all the bacon you want” diet? Most of them gave quick but not long-lasting results. My purpose here is not to portray myself as an expert, but simply share my…

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