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Exercise/Work Outs

Remember while exercising, you need to understand your body. After your bones, the next thing over it is either fat or muscle. Muscle is the well-shaped toned one, while fat is usually soft, and shapeless in some individuals. If you want to lose weight and have a nicely toned body, exercising and building muscle would not just be sufficient. You would also need to burn off the fat so that the nicely shaped muscles would come into view. That’s the reason why sometimes you might do the crunches and sit ups over and over again, but that flabby layer of fat still remains over the tummy. You need to burn off that fat, and then the muscles would come into view. Remember that muscle burns fat, so the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns daily in everything you do. To build muscle, apart from doing cardio, a good way to build more muscle is to lift weights.

Weight lifting helps break down your muscles. For Ladies, you often get scared that lifting weights would make you develop guy muscles. Well, it won’t. For you to get those kinds of muscles, you need to have male hormones, i.e. testosterone. Besides you won’t be lifting the kind of weights that guys use when they gym. There are 7.5kg dumbbells that you can carry for fat diminishing. Use it when jogging or taking walks, then also do weight lifting with them. So doing your cardio, eating less to get a caloric deficit, and weight lifting, would surely make you lose weight. Remember, you should exercise at least once a day (30 minutes) and if possible twice daily.

Tips for effective Work out

Take enough water:  Close to an hour or two before the workout time, it is recommended that you take enough quantity of water. Water is good. I would advise that you use a sports drink style during your workout (and if possible after the workout) only if you’re going to stay an hour or more during the period. If you’re determined for a tough workout, then you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. In fact, you should always stay hydrated whether or not you want to work out or not.
Get a workout friend: Look for a partner or friend, and commit to working out a certain number of times a week together, at a certain convenient time. This will motivate you and make it more likely to keep that workout appointment, and workouts can be a lot of fun if you spend them chatting with your friend. Just endeavor to work out and not to make it a chat time.

A nice work out dress: The work out time is not a fashion show or time to impress those around or the passersby, notwithstanding, once you want to begin working out, then it is nice to get for yourself dressed up properly. They are some workout clothes that you can wear, these cloths are made with comfortable fabrics to make your work out time a pleasurable time and also ensure that you look good. So Look for them and get them.
Place a picture of your model on your door: Not literally, of course you know, but look for a good magazine photo of a model with the body shape you want, and post it up somewhere visible. Though you may never look like that model, but trust me, seeing that shape alone will always motivate you and give you a can-do spirit. Doing this will restructure your subconscious and all you do every day is imagining yourself looking like that model.

Change it up:  Of course, walking or running every day can be a lot of fun. So many people on the weight loss program engage in this conventional activity.  But getting a different game or routine activity like swimming, biking, strength workouts, aerobics, and kickboxing into the mix can be a lot more fun, and can also help you get into better shape faster. The joy of learning this new skills can propel you to do more and before you realize it, you have already lost some pounds of flesh. The aim is to work out different muscles, and step up the body metabolism rate. Variety is the spice of life and all that, so don’t stick to a particular known method, do something differently.

Do it early in the morning:  My favorite time to work out is between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. Additionally, I know that if I work out at this time, nothing will get in the way of the workout later in the day. Also, during this time, it is not always busy and I am not ashamed of people looking at me, I just think it is a beautiful time of day, not too hot, and there’s nothing like showering and going to work knowing that I’ve put in a great exercise, even your body will be very light on you and it will further enhance the metabolism level.

Squeeze it in during lunch:  Let say that the morning time is not too convenient for you.  Perhaps you’re too busy. Maybe your place of work demand you show up very early, that you don’t have time to work out. Well, suck it up, buster, and sacrifice your lunch hour to the gods of fitness. Bring your workout clothes, do a quickie work, and be back at work ready to tackle the afternoon shift. Can you do that?

What if first thing after work:  None of those options work for you? Not a problem. Then you have to make it a daily routine to work out as soon as work is over for the day. This will also motivate you to finish your work on time so you can get out on time for your workout, or it will make you to work harder knowing that you have an appointment with your friend to work out. It’s great to stop somewhere to do your workout before you even get home, because once you get home you’ll probably have something to do or want to relax on the couch, fall asleep at the kitchen table, or rush to check out the latest news or trending topic on twitter.

A little and often: Though working out is very important, yet, you still don’t need to work out long, and you certainly don’t need to be a weekend workout solder. A 20-30 minutes workout every day is enough. Tell me if you will not have 20 minutes on your schedule. If you do have it, then there is no longer any excuse than to start immediately.

Just lace up: Yeah, you’re dreading the upcoming workout. But don’t even think about it. Just lace up and head out the door. Do it as a hobby and you will be glad that you did. That’s all. After that, let nature take its course. Just relax and do what comes naturally, don’t force it. And don’t struggle to do it.

Join a race: Signing up for a 5K or a triathlon are my favorite motivators. It really gets me to do my workouts because if I don’t, I will look like a dork by collapsing 5 minutes after the starting gun goes off. But don’t worry about how you look — just go and have fun at these races — everyone else is worrying about themselves too much to notice you are even there.

Don’t ever forget the 10 percent rule: The rule is you should not increase your workout time or distance by more than 10 percent in a week. This rule is a very conservative one, and it can be broken by the best of the best, who are determined and who knows what they’re doing, but for the rest of us, stick with this to prevent burnout, injury and even loss of zeal and courage to continue.

Rest: The importance can’t be over emphasized. This is a commonly overlooked factor, and it is so because, everyone thinks that the more they suffer themselves, the faster the lose weight. If you don’t give your body some rest, you will burn out and won’t look good. Striking a balance is the sure path to losing weight and looking good. Rest is just as important as the workouts in improving performance and fitness, so do well not to neglect it.

Hard, then easy:  If you do a hard workout today, rest or go easy tomorrow and then hard the next day. Don’t do two hard workouts in a row, it is discouraging and isn’t recommended for your body physique. The hard-easy method can also work within a workout itself — run hard, then run slow, then run hard, just like that. You shouldn’t be so soft on your body, as you won’t achieve anything at the end.

Pay attention to your body: This is very important — if you feel like you’re overdoing it, you probably are and you need rest. Rest and allow your body to recover before you proceed with the exercise. And though you can run through some slight soreness or aches, you should stop as soon as you feel sharp pain or pain in the joints except if it is a normal feeling for you. This also does not imply that anytime you start noticing some feeling of pain that you should stop, nay, you know yourself, just make sure you don’t make it worse.

Strength is good:  As you work out, then you need some strength. But If you’re a walker or runner or cyclist or swimmer or something like that, you should also fit some strength training into your schedule. Nothing too intense, but just some core-strengthening exercises that will help your main sport as well as make you healthier and yes, more attractive and finally to lose some fat.

Set realistic goals: Goal setters are goal getters, so what are you trying to get out of your exercise? If you know the purpose of the work out, it will help you to stay focused. I think it is good to know if you’re trying to build muscle or burn fat — because these are two competing goals that you should probably be trying to solve. There are other goals, of course, but you should be clear what they are. Also, set goals for each week, always ask yourself what you want to accomplish for the week. And if possible write it down, post it up, and see if you can meet them. Statistics shows that goals written down is easy to achieve than those not written down.

Take photos of yourself: Take a before and after photos of yourself. You can do this at the end of every week to see how fast you are losing weight. The best way to see your progress over time. Don’t do it every hour otherwise, you will be discouraged.

Workout first, diet later: The priority is to work out first and diet later. If you’re just starting a workout plan, it is best not to start a diet at the same time, observation shows that work out produces immediate effect than diet. Well, I don’t like diets in the first place, but still — one thing at a time as this will help you know the effect of each of them. I’d prefer the workout first, and then worry about the diet after about a month of working out. You can schedule the period for two of them. You didn’t get fat overnight and you’re not getting skinny overnight either, so work out and use diet to set your shape

Star chart:  Yeah, I guessed right. You know what these are. But they’re very motivating. Do a workout, put up a star. Fun isn’t it?

Get a coach and a mentor: You certainly don’t need one, but there’s nothing more motivating than a coach during this period.  Almost like a workout friend or team, in that you are very likely to make the appointment, but less chatty and more knowledgeable and rewarding. And if you’re going to learn swimming, a coach is a must and a team is a yes. You can get a coach — there are master’s swimming classes at your local pool. Just sign up in one and get started — they’re usually not that expensive. Ever watched a football game? Then you must have seen a coach teaching the players even during the competition. I am sure you need one.

Join the club: In my area, there is a great running club and a great cycling federation, triathlon federation and a very active volleyball club. All of them sponsor races and Sunday rides and things like this are where you can work out with a group and talk to more knowledgeable people. Well worth the small membership fee, I just think so.

No pain:  that’s good. Forget the old rule of “no pain, no gain”. You don’t need pain to get in shape. Pain must not be a way to gain.  Just take it easy, progress gradually, and enjoy yourself as it becomes a culture. I am sure you will love doing it.

Warm up: If you’re going to last long in any kind of exercise, don’t do it with your muscles cold, you must boot up your system slowly. Gradually get your heart pumping and blood flowing round the body. You’re less likely to injure yourself, and your workout will be more enjoyable and most rewarding.

On stretching: Sure, flexibility is important. But I tell you most assuredly, stretching out cold is a good way to get injured. If you’re going to stretch out before a workout, be sure to do so only after your warmup very well. Also, do not bounce. Because it is another good way to tear your muscles apart. Do slow stretches and hold them without bouncing. Best of all: stretch after a workout, when your muscles are nice and loose as it will help shape your muscles and give you a befitting body outlook.

Go for the long haul: Most of all, don’t think that you will become fit and healthy and sexy in one month, though it is possible but you need to be very realistic. Think of exercise as a life-long habit, and your goals will come to you eventually without you having to kill yourself for it. You’ll get there, just keep the hope alive hope.

Reward yourself: Rewarding yourself after a first month of consistent work out can help boost your morale and prepare you for the preceding month. Always learn the habit of rewarding yourself as you achieve results. It is a proving method.


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