FAT BUSTER: How this man lost 38 kilos


The thought of losing weight strikes hard only when we are way past our ideal weight. For Vishal Verma, it was his weight along with other measures like blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol levels which made him realise what he maybe heading towards. A friend’s obesity disorder operation scared him and Vishal decided to take matters into his own hands. This is how he lost 38 kgs all by himself…

Vishal Verma

Highest weight recorded:
120 kg

Weight lost:
38 kg

The turning point:
It started when one of my friends had an obesity disorder operation. It was then that I got to know about the cost incurred in treatment and after-surgery issues. The amount of this procedure is what scared me the most. It was only then that I decided to change my condition.

My breakfast:
Papaya or oats or corn flakes or 1 barley chapatti with green vegetables and curd

One fruit and Green tea

My lunch:
1 barley chapatti with 1 bowl of green vegetable, salad and curd

Post lunch:
Roasted black gram or corn with green tea

My dinner:
Sprouts or paneer or black gram with curd

I indulge in:
Along with eating healthy and being active, I indulge myself in spirituality and showing gratitude to Almighty for inner peace.

My workout:
I walk every morning for 70-80 minutes. I also go to the gym 4-5 times a week for 60-70 minutes. When I started my weight loss programme, I started with brisk walks for 40 minutes. I gradually increased this to 70 minutes and the distance to 10 km from 2 km everyday. This was with a combination of running and brisk walking. Once I reduced down to 85 kilograms, I also started going to the gym 4-5 times a week to build my muscles, tone up and be in a better shape.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by:
Colourful stir-fried vegetables (add broccoli, bell papers, beans and other vegetables), green salad and fruit salads (with pinch of salt, black paper, herbs and lemon juice), sprouts, barley or multigrain chapatti, all types of lentil and oats.

Fitness secrets I unveiled:
Never starve yourself. Eat something healthy in small portions at equal intervals of time (say every three hours) and exercise regularly and religiously. Always consume lukewarm water.

How do I stay motivated?
God has given me the inner strength to stay focused and I have surrounded myself with…

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