Gaining Weight with the Japanese Diet! Oh No! | The Japanese Diet is Not That Healthy

Hello hello helloooo! ;D
I’ve wanted to make a video about this for a long time. It is a response to seeing and hearing so much about the Japanese diet and my personal experience being so backwards.
I wanted to show the side of Japanese food that you often do not hear about; the terribly unhealthy side. I also want to share my story because I know many really feel awful when they gain weight in Japan, especially because it’s almost the opposite that is expected of them.
Know that with diet changes, it’s all about where you come from and where you are going.

Also, please note that this is what I see with my own eyes. Not everywhere in Japan will be like this. I am pretty sure that people in more rural areas rely much less on some of the bad foods I mentioned (like bread). And, of course, not every person is the same! Not all Canadians love maple syrup, and not all Japanese have started eating a lot of bread!

(Sorry if I seem a little angry in shots! Haha! I was get a bit into it when food is involved….)

The “25% fewer calories” was taken from here:

Check out Rachel & Jun’s channel here:
They post a lot of really nice videos and often are able to get opinions from Japanese people!

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