Healthy fast food options are popping up all over the Des…



Healthy meal prep services are popping up all over the city. With a range of options such as weekly meal packs, complimentary nutrition counseling, grab-and-go coolers and delivery service, these restaurants are giving traditional fast food some serious competition. Diets don’t have to be un-delicious with these new dining destinations.

Let’s face it. Life gets hectic. And fast food is convenient — and everywhere.

But sometimes a burger and fries won’t cut it. Fitness enthusiasts who want to stick to a meal plan may find it difficult to snag some healthy food on the go without going to a sit-down restaurant or a large market. And dieters on a weight-loss regimen can find it challenging to locate goal-friendly choices on fast food menus.

Several companies in Des Moines are looking to change the way people buy and eat convenience foods that offer quick, calorie-friendly meals, including vegetarian and restricted-diet choices. These restaurants offer freshly made packaged meals that can be bought individually or in discounted packs.  

“Eating healthy was not available and it was challenging for us,” said Sam Vakhidor, CEO and…

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