I feel lost, and I don’t know where to turn or how to pull myself up.



I am writing here in hopes that someone can help me find my way. Losing weight sounds so easy, calories in vs. calories out right? So why does my brain constantly feel like I am doing it wrong, which then causes me to feel down and give up hope since I have never been successful? I am a 28 year old woman and have been trying to find happiness in myself and my body since I was a teenager but seem to fall short (in my mind).

I was a very athletic kid, and always the runt of any sports team, but when puberty came around I developed into an hour glass shape and to my family this had meant I was gaining weight. For reference I was 5’3 120lbs when this all happened and I played soccer daily. I think my family was so used to me being this little peanut of a person that they felt my quick change into having a more womanly body was concerning rather than normal. My family is not malicious by any means, but my grandmother has always been obsessed with weight and beat that same mindset into my mothers mind. So for years the comments came, things like “your butt has gotten bigger”, “your bf (now husband) doesn’t have an athletic lifestyle and we…

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  1. Its CICO. You could probably eat nothing but junk as long as youre under your deficiet. Ive lost 19lbs doing only that eating what i want. Portion controll my friend


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