I’m lastly beginning to assume/really feel in another way about meals


I have been seeing a counsellor and dealing on aware/intuitive consuming for a number of months now, actively attempting to drop a few pounds for six weeks. Down ~17 lbs thus far.

This weekend so many issues began coming collectively. I went out with my SO to a farm-to-table restaurant Saturday night time. Had a scrumptious meal of salmon and veggies and ate sluggish and mindfully. Actually loved the meal however was full at 3/4. Shared the remaining with SO.

Sunday went for brunch. Received an omelette that got here with potatoes and fruit. Once more, loved the meal however ate slowly and checked in as I went. Full at 3/4. Left meals on the plate. *I by no means go away meals on the plate*

I nonetheless felt full round dinner time final night time so had a salad, not as a result of I am “weight-reduction plan” however as a result of I wasn’t that hungry and needed one thing mild and contemporary.

It was so reassuring to have the ability to take pleasure in meals and belief myself to know after I’ve had sufficient, and never really feel like I HAVE to eat all of it as a result of it tastes good.

Nonetheless had a superb outcome (small loss) on the dimensions this morning! Feeling pumped!

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  1. What an amazing feeling:) thank you for sharing and if you have any tips or words of wisdom please pass them along 🙂

  2. First, congrats on the loss!
    Totally understand what you’re talking about with relationship with food. Food was a source of comfort for me. If I was stressed. I would eat. If I was happy, I would eat. If I was sad I would eat. Now I try to find new ways to cope withy my emotions…go to the gym, talk about it or just “let it go.”
    Also, I would never leave anything on my plate. I think that has to do with as a child I had to eat everything I was served but now, when I’m full, I’m done eating.

  3. This is the ultimate NSV!!! Eating the right amount of food is the key thing to weight loss, and it looks like you have it down pat!

  4. I’ve had to save your post for inspiration/motivation. You are AMAZING!
    Ever since putting on weight to ‘protect’ myself from unwanted attention, I’ve found it so hard to not turn to food for comfort, security and to distract myself from negative thinking. Reading your post has shown that with determination and persistence, it is possible.
    Please keep us updated with your progress xoxo

  5. Thanks so much for posting this. You just described what’s been happening for me in the last 6 months as well, but much more eloquently than I ever could. I just keep wondering what the hell has happened to me, because I actually prefer to eat fresh meals I’ve made myself now rather than just having a pizza delivered, and I’m losing weight doing it. It’s crazy to think this is really happening!


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