Japanese Secrets of slim, youthful beauty and health

Want to lose weight? Free from sickness including cancer? Have full of energy? Look younger?

You can achieve everything by using ancient Japanese super foods.

We all know that Japanese life expectancy is said to be the longest of any country in the world. So it’s probably no surprise that more and more Japanese restaurants are opening all over the world, especially in the more developed countries. What many people don’t know however is this:

…The meals that you are eating at these Japanese restaurants are not the same meals that have given the Japanese their ability to live so long while staying healthy, slim and youthful. There is actually quite a bit more to it, and it’s also easy to do! In this class, you will learn how to do it for real; you will learn about:

• Ancient super Japanese food
• Exciting and tasty dishes, of both Japanese style and fusion style, cooked using the ancient super Japanese foods

You will learn about the ancient Japanese ingredients that make us healthy, age well and stay slim, that are not served at all in your local Japanese restaurants, or if they are served, are only done so in tiny portions What also happens quite often is that some of these ingredients might get used in meals quite often, but they are non-traditionally made or have some MSG added, so they are not really giving you the slimming, health or beauty benefits that you thought you were getting. In addition to keeping the delicious taste in our Japanese Secrets series, you will also learn lots of recipes that are not only of Japanese style, but also super-innovative and super-easy fusion cooking using Japanese super-ingredients so we can all enjoy these ancient Japanese super-ingredients to create your own favourite dishes like risotto, dips, pasta, cakes, cookies and lots more!

Be inspired and let’s discover ancient Japanese ingredients to help you achieve your ultimate body, looks and health, together!

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