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Hey guys! This video is completely different from what I usually do. I wanted to do a disclaimer before anything. This video is not a video that is meant to promote unhealthy weight loss habits. This video is supposed to be inspiration. I know there are some idols that diet unhealthy and I am in no way shape or form promoting that. This video is just to help people out.

This video was originally for me. I wasn’t going to upload this video at all but I didn’t see any videos like this on youtube so I decided to do one. A couple months ago I decided to try something out. I used to work out to blogilates on youtube (I still do) but I found that it was much more difficult without assistance. It was really hard for me to do so I decided to look up fancams of my favourite idol bodies so that I’d get the motivation to continue working out and not give up in the middle of the workout. I felt like watching the idol fancams really helped me forget about the pain of working out and really concentrate on the type of body that I wanted. This was just to give me motivation.

After awhile I hated the fact that I had to change the video manually so I ended up putting a whole bunch of fancams in a playlist so that they’d play by themselves but the shuffle was really annoying so I thought to myself “why not just compile all the videos that inspire me in an actual video instead” so this is where this idea came from. (hopefully nobody takes offense to it because that’s not what I intended to do)

Currently I am trying to lose a little bit of weight so I can feel healthier and look good. This video is just motivation for those times I want to eat bad and not work out. Hopefully it can inspire you too!

Idols whose bodies inspire me:
1. Yuri- Girls’ Generation (Closest to my body type)
2. Hyoyeon- Girls’ Generation
3. Victoria, Krystal & Luna- F(x)
4. Wendy, Seulgi, Irene & Joy- Red Velvet
5. Jennie & Rose- Black Pink
6. Soyu- Sistar
7. Somi, Sejeong, Doyeon, Chungha & Nayoung – IOI
8. CL
9. Seungyeon- CLC
10. Yooa- Oh My Girl
11. Jieun & Hyosung- Secret
12. Bomi & Chorong- Apink
13. Seolhyun- AOA
14. Cheng Xiao- WJSN
15. Hwasa- Mamamoo
16. Momo, Tzuyu & Mina- Twice

Music Used:
1. Russian Roulette- Red Velvet
2. TT- Twice
3. Playing With Fire- Black Pink

I will be making a part 2!

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