Kpop Idol Diet – How Korean Idols Lose Weight And Stay Skinny


3 quick steps to get skinnier:

Here’s how Korean Kpop idols lose weight – there are only 2 key elements to a Kpop Idol diet. Watch the above video to learn what they are!

The first thing you must do, is to be in a caloric deficit. If you’re not in a caloric deficit, it does not matter how healthily you eat, you will not lose weight.

You get into a caloric deficit by increasing exercise intensity each and every single workout, while decreasing the amount of food you eat slightly per meal per day until you see steady results.

Secondly, make sure to take in less carbohydrates. If you’re naturally on the heavier side, e.g. if your genetics generally cause you to be heavier and fatter than your friends, then your body will be less capable of burning off carbohydrates than your friends.

Your body burns off the carbohydrates you take in, followed by the fats in your body when you workout. However, if you’re naturally fat, your body usually doesn’t burn off carbohydrates that easily, making fat burning even harder if you take in too much carbohydrates.

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