Losing weight during the school year?


I’ve been really struggling to stay under my calorie limit this whole summer, so I’ve been gaining weight. But once school starts next week, I’ll be a lot more busy and it’ll be easier to focus on things other than food, hopefully. I’m planning on skipping breakfast and lunch everyday except on weekends, so I can just save all of my calories for dinner. I’m also planning on having a calorie limit of 1200, which I think is okay for me because I’m female and short (5’2″). My tdee is somewhere around 1500 for sedentary but I’m going to be playing sports everyday, so I don’t know if that counts as exercise or affects that number. What else should I do to lose weight effectively during the school year? I don’t want to keep gaining weight.

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  1. Skipping breakfast and lunch while you are in school sounds like a very bad idea

  2. weightlossneededasap

    Skipping breakfast and lunch is deffo a bad idea. Unless you want your grades to plummet due to being unable to focus on anything except your grumbling stomach, and then end up passing out during class, then you should delete that plan.

    Just eat a big breakfast and skip lunch, or dont have breakfast and eat lunch, or have a big breakfast, smaller lunch, and a small dinner. Better for you.

    You’re still growing too so don’t go too hard on yourself, baby fat still hasn’t melted off. I’m 19 and it’s only just now that my cheeks have deflated.

  3. If youre tdee is only 1500 what are your stats


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