Maybe this is why you can’t lose the weight

[ad_1] After decades of pushing single plans and products that didn’t prove effective for a large chunk of the population, the health and wellness industry is finally zeroing in on more precise solutions tailored to the individual.

Here’s a look at some of the latest programs, tools and products designed to take your overall health to the next level.

At-home diet testing

Viome, a Silicon Valley startup founded by tech billionaire Naveen Jain, uses an analysis of the microorganisms in your gut microbiome, as well as your metabolism and the proteins in your blood to make create personalized dietary recommendations that he says will enhance biochemistry, promote weight loss and ward off disease.

The new service delivers test kits that collect information through stool samples, saliva and blood glucose testing. The results and dietary recommendations are delivered via a consumer app. Follow-up tests kits track progress.

Cost: $59 a month for a yearlong plan, or an upfront annual discount of $599.





Personalized coaching

Getting a workout plan from your gym is certainly a start, but what if it doesn’t work for your body? TRX, maker of the popular suspension trainer, has launched TRX MAPS, which analyzes your individual mobility, muscle activation, posture and symmetry to prescribe a better workout just for you. The unit scans your body as you squat and in 22 seconds delivers a digital assessment of your body’s weak areas to your smartphone. This information can be used by a trainer to tailor daily workouts to address these deficiencies and to help clients avoid injuries. Fitness enthusiasts also can get their own customized workouts to stretch and strengthen these areas on their own via the TRX consumer app.

“It’s very tailored to the individual user,” says Paul Zadoff, TRX president. “We can show you how to train better and get fit more quickly.” But just as important, he says, “we can make you more durable.”

Cost: Varies with the gym. App subscription is $4.99 a month.

A new kind of fitness tracking

Fitness tracking is getting more individualized too, so that all of that activity you engage in, from spinning to yoga…

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