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In this video young model Nastya at Tann Model Management talks with fashion photographer Tatiana Kurnosova about her daily menu, dieting, motivation and how to look good. We are also having a conversation about weight loss, strict diets and eating disorder problems in modeling industry. Real model stories.

List of questions:

0:09 How do you stay fit, do you count calories or being on a diet?

1:10 Nastya’s daily menu

2:14 Is there any difference between your daily menu at home and your meals during working trips?

2:53 Menu during castings time

3:36 Whats your opinion about dieting? Do you think strict diets are necessary?

4:29 What are you doing if you need to improve your measurements in short period of time?

4:59 Eating disorder problems among models

5:48 Do you bring any food from home to your working trips?

6:14 Exotic and interesting food


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