New cath lab: Cody Regional Health facility ready for first patien…


The new cathaterization lab at West Park Hospital will be open to see patients later this month.

However, for the time being it will be only for those needing invasive radiology services until an interventional cardiologist and staff are brought on.

Cody Regional Health is partnering on the project with Billings Clinic, which is handling the recruitment process.

Cody Regional CEO Doug McMillan said that process could take until the summer, if not longer.

But once those positions are filled, the providers will have access to a specialized space in the hospital’s imaging department.

“We took a room designed for radiology, and we replaced it with $1.5 million worth of new, state-of-the-art equipment,” McMillan said.

Now work is finishing up on the space, and McMillan said the health department last week delivered its letter of approval.

He said the radiology equipment is scheduled to be used in a procedure the second week of February.

The cardiology equipment will be ready and waiting.

New equipment includes X-ray technology systems, allowing physicians to merge different imaging modalities to guide procedures including new high-end, real-time 3D imaging, McMillan…

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