Went to the state fair, didn’t eat 50 deep fried Oreos


I’d only heard about state fairs on the news and in movies. It seemed like a paradise with so many different and delicious foods. Buckets of fries, corn dogs, turkey legs, burgers, pizza, popcorn, BBQ, deep fried things, all very calorically dense foods of course.

I moved into the Midwest a year ago and have been itching to go to my state’s fair. Today was the day. I woke up and checked the number on the scale like I do, thinking this number would obviously increase by tomorrow. It was 202.4 lbs. I’ve lost my first 20 pounds. Keeping this in mind, I managed to not binge!

While I definitely didn’t find the usual healthy food I eat, I did treat myself to a box of fries, a cup of lemonade, and plenty of bottles of water to help with the scalding heat. Perhaps most importantly, I managed to have a lot of fun without depending too much on the food. I also walked for a good 4 hours. Now that I’m back home, I logged everything and I’m well within my calorie limit.

I couldn’t have had this much self-restraint, let alone lose 20 pounds without you lovely people. :’)

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  1. Congrats on your discipline and first 20 lbs!

    Deep fried oreos sound disgusting, btw. lol

  2. Kudos to your new experience! Being a Midwesterner from the cradle, fair food has been an annual tradition that’s hard to beat. It seems like they’re always coming up with new temptations each year.

    I just did the county fair this week and I stuck to only one corn dog and a couple of pinches of my son’s cotton candy. With all the walking, I still ended up ahead in my CICO for the day.

    I posted my concern a few days prior as how to deal with the temptation, much like you just did. Somebody here said to observe “who eats what”. And so I did. Wow, was that ever an education.

    Dang near every one of the “serious” fair-food connoisseurs had a built-in “ledge” on which to prop their delicacies.

  3. Go you at the state fair!!
    Well done – such determination

  4. Good on you!! Also went to the state fair and ate some mini donuts. I feel bad now.

  5. El_Pato_Del_Tocador

    Great Job. I went to the state fair with my wife a few years ago and ordered deep fried Oreos. They were $10 and they only gave us 4 of them. I felt ripped off. After eating one of them, I was done. It was so greasy and filling.

  6. You say midwest so i want to assume you’re close to me. Im 30 min from springfield and our state fair is going on and im so worried about going and having a binge! Good to see maybe it wont be so hard to stay on track. 😇

  7. I love the state fair so much! This year I got corn on the cob and loaded it with hot sauce and shared fries with a friend. Walking around all day in the heat definitely seems to help. I’m glad you were able to enjoy the state fair and treat yourself without the guilt of eating too much junk!

  8. Fairs are the worst for me. Luckily, I’m not close to them anymore. I use to go to the Dallas State Fair and I had to try all the new hot items. My favorites were always the most unhealthy too. Lol so I’m glad the temptation is out of reach.

    And congrats on resisting. I don’t think I have the willpower yet to do the same.

  9. Congratulations!!

    I went to the State Fair (Indiana) yesterday too! I certainly didn’t do as well as you, but I was pretty proud of myself! It was also my first time going.

    I did have a corn dog, some cheese curds (split with my husband), fried Oreos, and some fruit punch. So nothing too awful and I logged all of it. I certainly would have had a lot more without blinking before!

  10. Congrats!! I feel like if you can have restraint during a fair you can have it anywhere!


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