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Jason Hayes

Eve Henderson at the One Stop Health Shop has been educating fellow citizens on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle for the past seventeen years but the lifestyle of eating properly and using natural supplements and vitamins goes much further back for her. Henderson shared that as a child her Grandmother Amy – a Creek and Cherokee Native American – had a natural cure for almost anything that ails you, but one should be careful when advertising their condition because the cure could be almost as unpleasant as sickness.

While we can see that her history with natural supplements goes back to her childhood, Henderson shared that her own health was the driving force for her to become a certified Traditional Naturopath. Wikipedia defines the practice of Naturopathy as the belief in the body’s ability to heal itself through a special vital energy or force guiding bodily processes internally. Diagnosis and treatment concern primarily alternative therapies and natural methods that naturopaths claim promote the body’s natural ability to heal. Naturopaths focus on a holistic approach, often completely avoiding the use of surgery and drugs. Naturopaths aim to prevent illness through stress reduction and changes to diet and…

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