Paleo Diet Weight loss

Paleo Diet Weight loss

Humanity has been changing diet as technology advance, but one of the most popular diets called Paleo diet which is an effort to eat what our parents ate for the past thousands of years that made them live long i.e. in the prehistoric era. This diet is widely known and referred to as Caveman or Paleolithic diet; Paleo diet menu list includes anything and everything that is natural and things we could hunt or find, example include meat, fish, local veggies, seeds and fruits and so on. The philosophy behind the recent trend back to the Paleo nutrition is to keep things simple, by cutting out industrially processed foods and including fresh, naturally available food items we could grow around us. It is worthy of note that the paleo diet is built around eating the way that we were meant to eat just like our parents did in time past before the advent of the technology age. Research revealed that they lived better than us regarding their health conditions. Fat diminishing system review is on the increase now, and one of its biggest selling points in the health domain is the claim that you can lose weight on the Paleo diet without even trying to get into any diminishing body routine. Yes, it is possible as, under the Paleo method, there is no calorie-measurement, punishing portion control, or intermittent fasts, yet fat reduction has been experienced by many who follow the Paleo diet meal.

Getting rid of all industrially processed foods (and this includes junk food, of course, you know that) while adding in lots of protein and fresh fruit and vegetables makes the Paleo diet incredibly rich in fiber and vitamins. This is worth feeding on.  Fiber is those foods which are harder to digest and makes you feel fuller for a longer time, acting basically like a natural appetite supplement. The key to shedding pounds on Paleo is simple and balanced, and they include amongst others like eating good protein, fat, and produce at each meal consistently. You should remember that Paleolithic humans hunted and gathered every day, which is great exercise and in the Paleo diet, you may be required to do a little homesteading. So don’t forget to include a daily dose of physical activity to achieve your diminishing fat exercise. Doing this will help you achieve your aim in a very short period such that medically processed drugs won’t help you achieve. So will you give it a trial?

The paleo diet is dependent on animal flesh from which healthy protein is gotten. This protein is very anabolic which helps to build new muscle cells. The greater muscle, the better your metabolism will work well, a known fact. The reason is not far-fetched since we know that muscles require energy to move and to move bigger muscles, you must store more energy in them to enable them to perform their function.  This then requires that your body sends energy to muscle cells instead of fat cells leading to loss of fat in the boy.  By increasing muscle cells and consistent reduction in fat cells.

How taking enough water cab help reduce weight

Water they say is life. Water is a natural health drink that work for many ailments and it is the best known weight loss drink, are you surprised? It is important for you to drink about eight to twelve glasses of clean water every day so that your body will flush out all the toxins in your body in the form of urine and help make you stay healthy. It will also help your body to stay hydrated at all times. It is widely believed that cold water will help to burn more calories and it would be effective to have it with lime or honey every day to see better results, it takes great. Hot water on the other hand is also very effective in burning fat deposits in your body and flushing it out in the form of urine. Drinking around one litre hot water on an unfilled stomach every day is a very useful way to lose weight. Hot water will cleanse the body thoroughly and also to burn some fat through heat.

Simple homemade remedies to help you lose weight and burn fat


Daily consumption of fresh and raw tomatoes consistently will also help in reducing body fat. The latest research has revealed that taking raw tomatoes or drinking tomatoes juice regularly can help you drop some pounds of weight without much stress. This is because they contain extremely low calories. In fact, a medium-sized tomato only has a mere 22 calories inherent in it.  The interesting thing is that it can fill you up, give your plenty of nutrients and help you keep your daily caloric intake extremely low as required.  And as you know it is a must if you in dire need of dropping some pound. The important thing about this vegetable is that you do not need to indulge in another exercise if you don’t want to and still reduce weight.


Put a glass of water on the fire and add ginger to it, till it boils. Then, add honey and pepper inside and stir properly while boiling it. Leave it for 8-10 minutes. Then take all of them at once. This is because honey helps in dissolving fat very well while ginger and pepper will increase the metabolic rate and help your body system function properly.

Curry Leaves:

Many do not know, but nutritionists have revealed that Curry leaves e good help in detoxification of the body. And this automatically leads to less accumulation of body fats. By consistent adding this leaves to your diet or consuming it raw, you should be sure of losing enough weight.


There has been an exponential increase in the consumption of watermelon. This is because watermelon contains 82% water, which helps your stomach not to crave for food. It helps to reduce much daily intake of food even while you are not hungry.  Watermelon is rich in vitamin C, which is beneficial for health and also for light weight.


Do you like eating bean? I hear you say no, yet consumption of beans regularly helps in reducing the fat and leads to speedy weight loss. Beans are rich in fibers, and fibers just like orange fibers keep your stomach full, and you will consume fewer calories every day. The fewer calories you l consume, the less the chances of getting fat, and obviously lead to weight loss. Make it your best food, and you will see a drastic reduction of your weight.


The vegetable Cucumber contains 96% water and 45 calories, which is best for your body. Adding cucumber in your diet as a salad or eating raw cucumber will not only help you reduce fat fast, it will also ensure a decrease in the belly fat.

Juice of Cranberry

Did you know that drinking juice of cranberry can help in burning fat because it’s rich in organic acid, which works as a digestive enzyme?, if you don’t, then drink unsweetened cranberry juice daily for good results and thank me later.

Fish Oil:

Fish oil is an excellent option for burning the tummy fat which also carries a large proportion of the body weight. Fish oil aims at the tummy and burn down the excess fat and free your body from overweight.

Green Tea:

Green tea works as a body detoxifier, which helps in burning the excess body fat in the body. Consuming green tea daily can make your skin glow, as well as, make your tummy flat plus other additional benefits you can get from this drink. Do you have one already? If no, then get it before today ends.


Like apples, bananas are also rich in potassium and contain multivitamins which are essential for weight loss. They are filling and help you to resist the cravings for fast food and other junk foods. Moreover, banana boosts the metabolic rate, thereby melting the body fat. Include this in your diet today, and your body weight becomes a history.


The need for this cannot be overemphasized, drinking plenty of water will help in reducing weight. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day and see as you flush out those fats through urine. This will not only flush out the fat but will also make your skin very shiny and to glow just as you wanted them to be. Your hair will become healthy, and the whole body will become radiant, ensuring the total wellbeing of your body.

I have taken the time to list some ideas for realizing weightloss,  now depends on you to take. I am confidnt that if you do, you will naturally lose weight within a very short period.


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