Rapid Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss

1)  Avoid Alcohol: if you know that you can’t go 30 days without taking alcohol, then you aren’t serious about losing weight, and this weight loss book isn’t for you. If you must lose weight, then you need to completely stay away from alcoholic drinks.


2) No dairy consumption:  Yes no dairy. Always use unsweetened almond milk or pasteurized milk in place of regular milk during this period. Especially if you are also doing a workout.


3) Avoid fruit juices, no fruit smoothies, no soda, no sports drinks or any other soft drinks. These all contain tons of sugar which make you gain weight. Sugar is sugar, doesn’t matter if it comes from fruit or skittles, especially in processed drinks.


4) You must do 20 – 30 minutes of activity every day. It doesn’t matter if it is a fast walk, jogging, rollerblading, swimming, football or volleyball. Get your butt moving, observe it should be done every day. Don’t forget.


5) You drink nothing but water, again nothing but water, though I will still have to write the need for large intake of water, yet remember and don’t forget this rule. If you need a cup of coffee in the morning fine. But remember to always consume water, no matter how many times you urinate during the day.


Cardio: Cardio is to be done as soon as you wake up every morning for 45 mins to an hour on an empty stomach. Hard right? You need it.  You mustn’t have to go to the gym. You can walk around your neighborhood, jog, and do an aerobics class on your TV, Treadmill, etc. Just do anything that can make you sweat.

Alternating cardio: if possible I suggest you do alternate cardio, meaning one morning if you can get on a treadmill walk at four mph at around 10% incline then maybe the next morning you ride the bike or stair master, just don’t stop doing it.

Diet: below are the following things you will eat. This diet plan is subject to change by your nutritionist or doctor.

Breakfast after morning cardio: 1 serving of low sugar cereal or half a cup of oatmeal and 8-10 egg whites. Add two tablespoons of all natural no sodium almond butter.

Mid-morning: protein shake with almond milk or water (20 – 25 grams).

Lunch:  Take 10 ounces of fish, chicken or ground turkey, 1 cup of steamed broccoli or 8 ounces of asparagus

Second lunch: Consume 4-6 ounces of protein mentioned above, same servings green vegetables. Two tablespoons of all natural no sodium almond butter.

Post workout protein shake


Dinner: 8-10 ounces of chicken, fish, ground turkey or lean flank steak and 2-3 servings of green vegetables.


Take no food before bed:  If you are dying of starvation then try mixing one serving of plain fat-free yogurt with 1.5 scoops of chocolate protein powder.  Be sure to obey these rules if you want to succeed in the weight loss program.


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