Seven Tips For Tipping The (Weight) Scales In Your Favor



We’re all working to look good in the summer (and beyond!). We exercise, watch what we eat and grind away to drop those few pounds. Weight loss is often a frustrating pursuit, eluding even those who eat healthy and exercise. So what gives? Why won’t the scale budge even as you put out tremendous effort?


Read on for the seven tips that even the most fitness and health food lovers can use to help lose the pounds:


1. Get Enough Sleep

Let’s start with the most rampant problem standing in the way of your fat loss. Most of us simply don’t get enough sleep to support weight loss. There is a bunch of “white coat” reasons (research), and it has everything to do with hormone levels. While you sleep your cortisol levels decline while your growth hormone levels increase. This balance is essential for fat loss to occur.

So skipping on Zzzz’s will throw your hormones and body into fat storing mode, which causes you to feel hungrier which leads to eating more to fill that craving.

2. Don’t eat TOO MUCH food — even Healthy Food

Yes, team, there is such thing as TOO MUCH healthy food. When it comes to weight gain, extra calories can come from just about anywhere before landing on your waistline — even from healthy foods. Sure, it will take you longer to gain weight by overeating roasted chicken and sweet potatoes than it would ice cream and chips, but the extra pounds will still add up.

Control your portions, even of healthy foods, in order to make strides in your body transformation journey.

3. Drink Enough Water

It’s those “white coats” again — but they say the majority of us are walking around in a state of partial dehydration every day. In addition to being dangerous for all of your major body organs, dehydration is perilous for fat loss. Not only does water serve as an appetite suppressant and assist in keeping you from overeating, thirst can trigger us to mistakenly have hunger pains, leading to eating more.

4. Stop Eating Out So Much

Like it or not, restaurant meals are higher in calories than meals prepared and eaten at home — across the board. We can argue about how you have the cook make yours special, we order the “lean” plate, but there is simply no way around it. Restaurant food is created with consumer…

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