Sugar Busters Diet

Sugar Busters Diet

Similar to all low-carb diets, the sugar buster diet is largely based on the premise that insulin, manufactured when eating some carbohydrates and sugars will restrict weight loss. Yet, this type of diet only lasts for a 14-day period as you build the diet from 30% protein, 40% fat and 30% carbohydrates.


Helpful Hints

Are you interested in following this diet plan? The following are the things you need to adhere to:

  • Get rid of simple, refined carbohydrates, which include white foods like refined sugars, rice and flour. Also, for a 14-day period, you must also get rid of products containing sugar like jams, candy and snack foods. Sugary foods that have a high rank on the glycemic index must be avoided, including raisins, pineapples and bananas. Root crops such as corn, beets, carrots, parsnips and potatoes also have a high rank on the glycemic index and must be avoided.


  • The great thing about the sugar buster diet is that you are allowed to consume foods with complex carbs that have a low rank on the glycemic index, provided that you don’t exceed 30%-40% of your daily calorie intake from your chosen carbs. Acceptable carbohydrates include vegetables and fruits, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and vegetables.


  • Since protein is a very essential factor of your intake of calories, you have to eat meat. However, unlike other kinds of low-carbohydrate diets, you must choose the leanest meat cuts. Seafood and fish are the most ideal protein sources, followed by poultry meat, lean beef, lamb, and pork. In this diet, eggs are also enabled as a protein source.


  • Please be aware, fats are not just permitted on this diet, they are greatly encouraged. As much as possible, you must get rid of saturated fats. Since your body will be supplied with saturated fats when you consume meat, make certain to use healthy oils when you cook such as olive oil and vegetable oil.


  • Since alcohol has a high rank on the glycemic index, it must be avoided at all costs. Yet, an occasional glass of red wine is acceptable provided that you don’t abuse it. The sugar buster diet also requires you to limit your caffeine intake to just 2 or 3 cups/day.


  • When on a sugar diet, have your meals divided by eating 3-6 small meals all throughout the day. Also, don’t eat after 8pm, leaving two or three hours between your last meal and bedtime.


If you want to engage in the sugar buster diet, these are just some of the guidelines that you need to follow. By having discipline and determination, you will be able to see the difference in your body in just a few weeks. However, since this is a fad diet, you have to work extra hard in order to prevent your body from gaining weight back again.

Always remember that maintenance is the key for a sexy, slim body.


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