The Monsoon Health Guide


Who doesn’t await monsoons? The pitter-patter instantly lights up the mood and makes us crave those deep fried pakodas and a cup of steaming adrak chai. While the best-loved rainy season is deeply enjoyed, it also brings along the possibility of falling prey to a host of airborne diseases, viral and bacterial infections, seasonal allergies and mosquito-borne ailments. Our immune system is most vulnerable during the turn of seasons and bolstering it up via proper diet is the only way to put up a guard against the seasonal change.

Dietary tweaks can certainly go a long way in safeguarding your health this monsoon. Something as simple as your everyday drinking water can bring world of a difference. Ayurveda states down ways in which a person should drink water to reap maximum health benefits. Something as basic as plain drinking water and the way it is consumed can bring a lot of difference in the way our body functions. Ayurveda expert from Baidyanath, Dr. Ashutosh Gautam brought to our notice the fact that most ailments during monsoon occur due to infected water. Water is also one of the best carriers of infections. Also,…Read More…


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