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In a world dominated by celebrity fad diets that range from absurd, like Reese Witherspoon’s alleged “baby-food diet,” to absurdly unaffordable, such as the $200 “moon dust”-infused smoothie that Gwyneth Paltrow drinks, many people don’t believe there’s a single best diet for your health.

But a growing body of evidence suggests that a plant-based diet — which focuses on vegetables while incorporating whole grains and lean proteins — reigns supreme. It’s been found to be ideal for losing weight, staying lean, and keeping the mind sharp.

Plant-based diets are “good for the environment, your heart, your weight, and your overall health,” according to US News and World Report’s most recent report on the best eating plans.

Such diets come in many forms, but a new study suggests that the two best for protecting the brain from age-related cognitive decline are the Mediterranean diet and the MIND diet, a version of the Mediterranean plan that focuses on “brain-healthy” foods.

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The Mediterranean diet is rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, olive oil, and fish; it’s low in red meat, processed foods, poultry, and dairy. The MIND diet emphasizes green leafy vegetables, nuts,…

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