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The dramatic increase in average life expectancy during the 20th century, ranks as one of society’s greatest achievements. Even the less developed regions of the world have experienced a steady increase in life expectancy since world war ii. In this video, i am going to share with you top 10 countries with longest life expectancy in the world.

Number 1. Japan, “The Land of the Rising Sun.”
With an estimated population of 127 million, and where rice, sushi, and tempura are the most popular dishes, japan has a life expectancy of 86.8 years for women, 80.5 years for men, or a combined of 83.7 years.

With plenty of fresh vegetables and fish on the menu, on average, Japanese women can expect to live almost 90 years, and Japanese men can live well past 80.

Number 2. Switzerland, “The Land of Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks.”
Home to numerous lakes, villages, and the high peaks of the alps, Switzerland has an estimated population of 8.3 millions, and boasts a life expectancy of 85.3 years for women, 81.3 years for men, or a combined average of 83.4 years.

Different studies point to wealth, a sense of well-being, and diet that includes love of dairy products, as some of the reasons.

Number 3. Singapore, “The Lion City.”
This global financial center, Singapore has an estimated population of 5.6 millions, and a life expectancy of 86.1 years for women, 80 years for men, or a combined average of 83.1 years.

From 50 centenarians in 1990, Singapore now boasts a total of 1,100 centenarians in just 26 years.

Number 4. Australia, “The Land Down Under.”
The Australian bureau of statistics show that the life expectancy for Australian women is 84.8 years, 80.9 years for men, or a combined average of 82.8 years.

Why are Australians living longer? According to the organization for economic cooperation and development, “Australia’s universal health care system is one of the best in the world,” with an above-average of 2,400 dollars spent on healthcare per person in 2010.

Number 5. Spain, “The Land of Hyraxes.”
Recent world health organization data show Spain has a life expectancy of 85.5 years for women, 80.1 years for men, or a combined average of 82.8 years.

With a population of 46 millions, Spain boasts around 15,000 centenarians, with more than 500 persons already 110 years old and older.

There are several reasons why the Spaniards are living longer. Among them is the positive health effects of a Mediterranean diet. One report showed that it can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by 30 percent.

Number 6. Iceland, “The Land of Fire and Ice.”
This Nordic island nation is defined not only by its dramatic landscape of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields, but also for having one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

For women, life expectancy is 84.1 years, 81.2 years for men, or a combined average of 82.7 years.

What is the secret? A fish-heavy diet full of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids has been cited by some as a reason why so many on this glacier-topped island of 320,000 people live well into the golden age.

Number 7. Italy, “The Boot.”
This “boot” shaped nation has a combined life expectancy of 82.7 years, 84.4 years for women, and 80.5 years for men.

A small village of Acciaroli is an excellent example of Italians’ long life expectancy. This village has a population of only 2,000, yet the village boasts some 300 elders who have reached the age of 100 – and about 20 percent of those centenarians have reached 110.

Number 8. Israel, “The Holy Land.”
Regarded by Jews, Christians, and Muslims as the biblical holy land, Israel boasts a combined life expectancy of 82.5 years, 84.3 years for women, and 80.6 years for men.

What makes Israelis live longer? Efi Gil, a psychologist at Rabin Medical Center, points to family cohesiveness as one of the reasons, while Gabi Ben Dor, a sociologist at Haifa University, cites positive outlook in life as a contributing factor, and Devora Lieberman, director of geriatrics at Soroka Medical Center, considers good life among the elderlies as a major element.

Number 9. Sweden, “The Land of the Vikings.”
This Scandinavian nation with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes, Sweden has a combined life expectancy of 82.4 years, 84 years for women, and 80.7 years for men.

According to a recent survey, Sweden is the best country in the world in which to grow old. A generous welfare and pensions, reliable transport, and community spirit give the country’s over-60 population the greatest quality of life.

Number 10. France, “The Land of the Franks.”
Known for its medieval cities, alpine villages, and Mediterranean beaches, France is tied with Sweden when it comes to life expectancy.

France’s progress follows 60 years of steadily rising life expectancy. The improvement was due to advances in the fight against cancer and heart disease, more extensive screening against diseases, and lower rates of smoking and alcoholism – particularly among men.

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