Types of Weight Loss Surgery

The weight loss surgery helps to lose weight and lessen the risk of issues regarding obesity. This surgery is done in two main ways. One is by limiting the stomach capacity to hold food which limits the amount of food you can have. The other is to reduce the nutrients absorbing power of the body by shortening the intestine. These are done by physical surgery. These surgeries help in losing weight. There are several weight loss surgery options. Some most important weight loss surgeries are described below:

The Gastric Sleeve Surgery

It is an irreversible and a very effective weight loss surgery. In this surgery, a part of your stomach is being removed. The rest of the stomach is kept in the size of a banana. This surgery is so effective that it has gained its popularity very soon. This does not cause any long-term side effects and perfectly make extreme weight loss possible. This surgery is also used for the teenagers and children who need the extreme weight loss.

The Gastric Bypass

This surgery makes people feel full sooner and helps in absorbing a very little mineral. In this surgery, a small pouch is being created above the stomach. Only this small pouch receives food and so the eating ability at a time has been reduced. The intestine is then connected to this new pouch below the main stomach. Foods directly flow from the pouch to the intestine. The stomach is still connected with the intestine at a side to supply the digestion juice. This helps to digest food and also bypass food to a portion of the intestine. So, a very few calories and nutrients get to be absorbed.


The Duodenal Switch

This surgery makes the body feel full sooner and absorb fewer nutrients and calories. It actually changes the shape of the stomach permanently. In this surgery, a portion of the stomach is removed at the edge of the greater curvature. Then a large portion of the intestine is used to reroute the whole pathway. From the intestine, two pathways are being created to connect with a single channel. The shorter pathway is used to carry food from the stomach to the single channel and the longer one is used to carry the bile from the liver to the common channel. The common channel is actually the portion of the intestine and the main digestion process is done in this portion before entering the long intestine. This system extremely reduces the fat absorption and result in the extreme weight loss.

The LAP-BAND Surgery

This surgery makes the body to feel full the stomach soon. In this surgery, a band is used which contains an inflatable balloon. It is set in the upper part of the stomach fixed. Thus, a small pouch is created with a narrow opening to the stomach. Then a port is set up below the skin of the abdomen connecting the band with a tube. This system reduces the food holding capacity of the stomach and so, you will feel full sooner. With getting less food, weight loss will be encouraged.

The Gastric Balloon

It is a temporary method. It reduces the food holding capacity of the stomach and makes feel full sooner. An intra-gastric balloon, is placed into the stomach through a tube that passed down the throat. This process is known as gastroscopy. This balloon is filled with air or salt. For this balloon the place of the stomach will be shortening and so, you will feel full sooner. This balloon can be kept for maximum 6 months. Then it is removed. In this 6-month period, your weight will drop.

The vBloc Therapy

After this surgery, appetite will fall down and also the food holding capacity of the stomach will also be reduced. It is an advanced technology delivered via a pacemaker to block the hunger signals between the stomach and the brain. So, you will feel full soon and take a very less food. This device is set under the skin. The leads are set on the vagus nerves’ trunk. This is and modern technological surgery and it is the safest surgery to efficiently lose weight.

The AspireAssist

This surgery helps the stomach to drain a portion of food before absorbing it. It makes it possible to drain 30% of the food. Thus, the calories are reduced but not your eating and cause severe weight loss. in general foods are stored primarily in your stomach and it begins to digest food after minimum 1 hour when it reaches the intestine. Then the food is absorbed. After this surgery, 305 of your food are drained within first one hour before absorbing it. After this surgery, you need to chew food slowly and carefully with full mindset.


In the past, it was quite impossible to lose weight rapidly and efficiently. Though the obesity will not be cured by the weight loss surgery, the extreme weight loss will be possible for this. It is a must for those who needs to lose weight fast for some health issues. With above surgeries, people will get the finest and 100% assured result.




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