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SeAnne Safaii-Waite would like to remember her mother as a vibrant fortysomething with perfect hair and nails, a rifle in her arms and a freshly shot antelope at her feet. Instead, her first thought is of a frail octogenarian, sedated so she will not give her caregiver another black eye.

Sue Stillman Linja wants to remember her mother ensconced in the kitchen, teaching the grandchildren how to make pasta. But Linja’s main memory is of a sweet and funny woman who could no longer figure out how to open a refrigerator door.

Alzheimer’s disease robbed Safaii-Waite and Linja of their mothers and their most precious memories. Now the registered dietitians want to help you protect yourselves and your families from the same scourge.

Their not-so-secret weapon is food.

One hundred and five foods to be exact, described in their new book, “The Alzheimer’s Prevention Food Guide.” In a fast, informative 175 pages, the Treasure Valley women present what they consider to be the first line of defense against a leading cause of death in the elderly.

They are deep believers in what they call “brain healthy foods” such as turmeric and cardamom, walnuts and wasabi,…

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