Weight Loss Diet Plan


Weight Loss Diet Plan for Hostel Girls

Hey Guys!!

As promised!! Video is here for Hostel and PG guys weight loss diet plan!!

If you follow this diet regularly than you can easily lose upto 7 KGs in 10 days.

Lets start diet:-

Early morning drink:- Start your day with turmeric Tea.
this tea improve your metabolism, digestive system and remove bloating problem.

Breakfast:-I will give you 4 to 5 options in breakfast, you can choose any option. Green Tea is must with below options.

1. Besan Chilla
2. Two boil egg white
3. Two Idli and sambar
4. Vegetable sandwich
5. One bread toast with one white egg
6. Oats (PCOD and PCOS patient, please ignore Oats)

After two hours of breakfast:-
You can have fruits like, Apple, Guava, Kiwi, Pomegranate seeds.

Lunch:- In lunch I will give you 3 options.
1. Smoothies
2. Chia Seeds pudding
3. Vegetable Salad

Evening Tea:- Green Tea or Green Coffee with some almonds, Makahane, Dates and 2 digestive biscuits.

Dinner:- It should be max 7:00PM… and dinner menu is Pineapple or papaya or one boil egg white.


Green Coffee:-
Chia Seeds Pudding:-

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