Weight Loss Journey

“So after 3 months, I’m finally getting in shape (so happy). But some of my female friends are just not happy and don’t want to talk about it.  During 2016 I gained a considerable amount of weight. Yes, I started to look like a hippo, which was my own fault. I just started eating like crazy: take a-ways for breakfast, take a-ways for lunch and take a-ways for dinner. In between I was snacking on Pringles and Doritos Chips, chocolates, biscuits, creamy coffees, cupcakes, sweets- you name it…  After friends and family complained that I’m getting too fat and I realized that I’m expanding, I started just walking for 1hour during December 2016. Two months later, I’m in a happier place and a few kilograms lighter. But know it seems that my female friends don’t want to give me credit. It’s the same people who were mocking my figure and degrading me at every chance they got”-Natasha.


This is a true life experience of a lady who suddenly realized she was getting fat and needed to lose some weight. And I know they are so many persons like Zara who needs a weight-loss program. In this book, we shall be discussing in details about weight loss, how to lose weight and what causes weight loss. I shall also be sharing some testimony I got from those who have lost weight and how our weight loss products can help you in losing weight. Before you proceed, I would like to commend you for taking out your time to look for a product that will help keep you in a good shape. Looking good indeed is a good business and I want to assure you that with determination, you will lose enough weight in the days to come. Congratulations on your weight loss. So let’s get started.


This weight loss issue is big, and demand a dire solution. With the emerging packaged food, so many persons have gathered a lot of weight and that does not also ignore the fact that some persons are naturally fat.  A lot of people especially women would love to lose some Kg’s of fat and look better shaped than they are now but for the fact that wishes are not horses. Everyone’s dream is to look good but it is not easy to achieve that when you are already fat.it demands a lot of energy, time, and determination to return to a normal shape. Staying thin doesn’t take much energy but losing fat takes much from you. But the truth is that a lot of people have gone through what you are passing through and they scaled through it successfully, and you too will lose some weight.  Hearing people’s success stories would really help you and will serve as a motivation factor throughout your weight loss program.

“I ate fruits and veggies for 2 weeks and I lost 16 pounds. It wasn’t easy oooo but I was determined to look hot for my sister’s wedding. Losing weight is not easy but u have to be determined to achieve what u want.” –Dollya

“I gradually reduced my food intake and resume working out on my abandoned treadmill. I’ve lost 3Kg (just started a couple of weeks ago).  Now I eat once or twice daily with Cucumber in between my meal (I eat it with the green skin and seed).  The Cucumber help in reducing my hunger pang and is almost zero Calorie.  My advice is control your mouth; no snacking, no soda and watch out on eating too much fruit that contains sugar.  For me 1 or 2 banana a day and 1 orange. Carrot and cabbage (Cole slaw-minus Salad cream).  I eat small portion of meals. My target is to lose 10 to 12 KG by June (6 months)” –Leah

There are many things that so many people around the world have tried in other to lose weight. One thing I can say from my little years of experience is that, you have to use diverse method in your weight loss program. Don’t depend on one particular method alone, if you see a product that will help you, provided it is genuine, then try it out. If it implies using diets, then try it out too. Though many people are under the impact that diet suggests consuming less food, well, it is not. This is one myth that leads to people dropping their health in the struggle to lose weight, losing weight does not mean losing your health. The truth is that, so many people on their way to losing weight have found themselves in the hospital struggling for their health. Dieting does not mean consuming less, neither does it imply staying without food, rather it simply imply eating right. The main thing will be to eat healthy nutritious food in moderate levels as recommended by your nutritionist. They are many food that leads to accumulation of fat in the body, avoiding such foods completely or partially can be a successful step towards your losing weight. It usually helps you to visit a nutritionist and have a health information organized and a feeding plan scheduled for you and your family as the case may be. If you are the only one in the house that wants to lose weight, then your meal should be separated from the others. I would advise that, during your weight loss program, your family should help you to lose some weight. Psychologically, seeing people consume the food you love will also lead you into eating it and as such, everyone around you should be compelled to be in same diet schedule with you if possible.  Eating according to the chart can help avoid Weight Loss, and also using some products can help flush out some fats in the body. So many research have been done on weight loss, in fact this weight loss program have been termed diminishing system review by so persons, and a lot of product is out there just to help you lose some weight. So, don’t be afraid to use them.

Most nutritionists recommend that you add more quantities of fruit and veggies while in the diet and just like you observed from the testimony shared above, consuming fruit and veggies alone can help you diminish fat. This is as opposed to eating huge meals, it’s simpler to consume little meals at pre-mounted intervals. Consuming little meals prepared with vegetables help in better digestion and also helps reduce fat. Also, placing yourself in a Paleo diet can also go a long way in helping you reduce weight. A person’s metabolism is improved by regular balanced eating and stops fat from accumulating in the body, this can also be achieved by doing some exercise and good intake of water. All these and more will be discussed in details in this book. This book have been packaged to help you get to shape and to look good.

The obvious truth is that no matter the exercise that you do you will always gain weight as long as you eat food that contains more calories than your body needs, and determining the amount of calories that your body needs is a very difficult if not impossible except by the help of your doctor or nutritionists.  Truth is that it will remain a shocker to so many people who used to think that if you exercise you will automatically lose weight. Indulging in exercise is good and should be taking seriously as you aim to lose weight, but while on it, try your best to balance it with good diets and fat diminishing products.

Like I said earlier, so many persons have tried every possible means to lose weight, from jogging, to eating watermelon, to drinking gallons of water, to going to the gym, to starving myself, yet they have not lost weight as they should. It is possible, this is because the weight loss program does not depend only on some conventional methods ad our body system varies. Eating recommended diets should be accompanied with the use of some fat diminishing products. So it should not come as a surprise to you if you are part of these people who have been starving themselves or drinking lots of water and eating water melons yet remained in the same body level. This article is aimed at giving you all that you need to lose weight. We will start by seeing how taking a workout will help you reduce weight.

Part 2 coming soon…


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