Why Asians Are Skinny & You Are Not:



A LONG vacation from video uploads. I will always be in the fat loss and health arena, but from here forward I will likely upload only as I have time, and only in as much as it entertains me. Hence some fun with this video, and please expect more in the future. Videos can be a real pain in the glutes to make.

Been traveling a bit, and really needed to make sure I put this concept out there on the “calories in” concept. Sometimes even when something is right in front of our faces, we miss the obvious.

Will def be doing another vid in the next month relating to “how to eat…(a specific raw food).” I have a neat little trick to help those who are interested in eating a type of raw food that is often seen as unpleasant to eat, yet is a nutritional powerhouse, including major vital nutrients that western society is sorely, even severely, lacking in.

Coming soon!

(But don’t hold your breath on when. Especially if you’re a Breatharian).

Love, Happiness, Health and Peace………..Tim


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